About Us

More information on our team and our mission

// Our Philosophy

We love (making) Games!

We believe in offering entertainment that has a positive impact on the everyday happiness of people!

// Our Mission

We want to create goofy, lovable and surprising products that are beautifully designed and bring people together!

We create games!

// Our Team

Meet our team of gaming enthousiasts

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Head of Product / Development manager

Agile enthousiast, interested in software development, has a passion for Mobile, likes to play CounterStrike

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Lead Developer

Likes to listen to Grooveshark, play Steam games, has a passion for the game Go, loves Spanish girls

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Commercial manager

Likes abbreviations: CPM, CPC, ARPU, ARPPU, DAU and MAU. Loves MMO`s and Polish girls

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Agile tester / Scrum Master

Likes breaking software, and people's spirits in military First Person Shooters!

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Lead Game Developer

Making games since his mom taught him how back in the 80's. Likes playing adventure games, table tennis and his guitar.

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Has a face, and legs. Also loves programming, romantic walks on the beach and playing games

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Likes playing foozball and retro games, is from Fryslân

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Developer / Cloud Specialist

"The professional" from France